The food

Bark and the Bite is a craft barbecue company based in Saint Paul, known for its Slow Smoked Meats, Craft Barbecue Sauces (free of HFCS and MSG) and Delicious Southern Style Scratch Sides.

Bark and the Bite takes pride in being barbecue for everybody, and that’s why they offer great Gluten Free and Vegetarian Options (Checkout our Barbecue Jackalope!).

Established in 2015 as a food truck, we won Growler’s Kind-Of-A-Big-Deal Barbecue Joint in 2016. Chef Noah Miller has created a fresh approach to Twin Cities barbecue, drawing from his Memphis roots and his past life as a fine-dining chef.

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a sit-down dinner, swing by our new location at 2186 Marshall Ave for Smoked Meats and Southern Eats!

The Place

After an unexpected fire, we figured we needed a change of scenery for our brick and mortar location. Our new home is at the corner of Cretin and Marshall.

It's only two blocks away from the Mississippi River, linking us to Missouri and Louisiana—a couple of spiritual cousins in barbecue.

With a location that boasts seating for your group, a takeout section for when you need a quick lunch, and a bit of patio real estate, our new digs have a little something for everyone.

And trust us: there's no shame in coming back for seconds.