The Truck

"Track down this Minneapolis-based food truck at one of the area breweries for flavor alchemy: beer + barbecue." - Joy Summers @EaterMPLS


"Noah Miller and Toph Heubach were cooking artisan BBQ at Sapor before it closed, and now their perfected smoked meats are on the streets. Pulled pork, shreddy chicken and the like can be had as a “sammich” or just a pile ‘o meat, you paleo fiends. Do not skip that potato salad, and steal as much house sauce that you can cram in your purse."

Stephanie March @MSPMag

About Us

Bark and the Bite is a craft barbecue company based in NE Minneapolis, known for its Slow Smoked Meats, Craft Barbecue Sauces (free of HFCS and MSG) and Delicious Southern Style Scratch Sides. Bark and the Bite takes pride in being barbecue for everybody and thats why they offer great Gluten Free and Vegetarian Options (Checkout our Barbecue Jackalope!) Established in 2015 as a food truck serving the finest brewery taprooms and distillery cocktail rooms the twin cities have to offer, owners Toph Heubach and Chef Noah Miller are proud to have expanded one year later.

"...piping-hot hush puppies are the bestsellers, but don’t allow a deep-fried craving to overshadow the robust, garlic aioli-fueled potato salad...Here’s a tip: If Miller is pulling dry-rub baby back ribs from the smoker, by all means, order them." "

Rick Nelson @StarTribune

"Contributing to our quickly-growing BBQ scene, Bark & The Bite Food Truck is selling their smoked meats in the Northeast. We love this because it’s in the true spirit of BBQ, using small spaces or anyplace you can find to spread the gospel of Q. Lord knows some of the best BBQ is sold this way— out of parking lots, gas stations, and even car washes."

Mecca Bos @CityPages

"You have to get some of their Honey Spiced Hush Puppies. They little pieces of deep fried deliciousness go perfectly with a variety of beer and they’re sticky fried corn meal, which will help soak up some of the alcohol. The only thing that would make them better would be spicy BBQ sauce, which B&B has plenty of."